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Posted by Darren Olander on 25 August 2016 06:00 PM

Questions about Earning

  • How long does one wait for a completed offer to be approved by the advertiser? 

Once you have submitted your claim with accurate information to the advertiser they will have 72 hours to either approve or deny your claim.

  • What happens if an advertiser rejects the claim, or fails to respond within 72 hours?

If the advertiser denies the claim then the member will not receive any reward. The member will also receive negative reputation in our system. The advertiser and member have the opportunity to exchange feedback or private message eachother. If the advertiser rejected because of incorrect or insufficient information, or the member ends up joining after the fact, then the advertiser can change that denial to an approval by visiting their My Advertised Offers page.

If an advertiser does not respond within the allotted 72 hours then the member's claim will automatically be approved and the advertiser will have an increased count under "No Response" on their profile page. If an advertiser continues to not respond to claims then their offers will be canceled.

  • How much time does it take for the offer reward to be credited into my account?

As soon as your claim is approved your reward is added to your account immediately. If you earned cash, then you will be paid during the monthly payout as long as you have earned a minimum of $2.

  • When are earnings and commissions paid?

There is a mass pay done each month, usually on the 10th of each month that pays out any previous month or earlier earnings as long as it is greater than $2. So, if you earned anything in the current month it would not be paid until the following month and does not count towards the $2 minimum. Your earnings will be held for you until you reach the minimum required.

  • Can a free member request payout without upgrading or adding funds?

Yes, all members are paid, even free. Payments are done on the 10th of each month for previous month earnings.

  • Is the site operational for international members and are they eligible for payment?

Yes, everyone is welcome. Payments to you can be made via Payza, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Check if a U.S. resident. Payment processing fees are paid by the user. Contact support if you do not see your preferred payment option.

  • Am I allowed to join offers for sites I am already a member of?

No, you must only complete offers for sites that you do not yet have an account at. If you reserve an offer and discover that it is for a site that you have already joined then you must let the reservation expire and do not put in any claim.

  • How do I earn as an affiliate?

If you refer other users to BuildMyDownlines using your unique affiliate link, you will earn a percentage of their upgrade amount depending on your membership level for as long as they remain upgraded. Free members earn 20%, Silver earn 50%, and Gold earn 60%. This is an excellent way to earn a recurring income!

Questions about Advertising

  • What is an offer?

An offer is an incentive you want to provide for users to join you in a website. This can be any website, even your own with your own custom opt-in form. This is an excellent way to grow your downlines or your list.

  • How do I submit an offer?

Please watch this video first. You will need to go to the Submit Offers page and complete all of the fields. Your budget is your total campaign budget you wish to spend, once you divide it by the number of slots and subtract the 20% listing fee you will have a reward amount per user, adjust the amount of slots by more or less to get a desired reward amount per user. You may choose to geotarget your ad to specific regions, we are able to do this because we ask each user when they join what country they live in. Keep in mind if you geotarget your offer then it may greatly limit your reach.

  • How much will it cost me to have users complete my offers?

The amount you reward is completely up to you! We have a minimum of 500 credit reward per user OR one cent. The more generous your reward the more likely users will be to take your offer, so if you provide a small reward you will have more trouble getting signups. I recommend researching under the offers section to see what others are offering for the same program or similar programs to decide what you would like to offer. We take a 20% fee.

  • Can I require users to do other tasks other than signup?

No, we prohibit requiring users to complete any other task other then signing up AND verifying their email address if necessary. If you are found denying users because they did not do extra tasks, then you will be banned from posting offers.

  • If people are joining just for the reward, how is this good advertising?

I have done a lot of advertising in safelists and traffic exchanges which have an incentive model. In such sites, users are rewarded with advertising credits in exchange for viewing your website. I have had great success with this even though users are not explicitly searching for what I am advertising and are primarily interested in earning advertising for themselves. BuildMyDownlines is similar, except it requires a lot more engagement from the user because they have to actually join your website. Not everyone will be interested and go further after joining your website, but a percentage of them will, and those are the ones that make it worthwhile! Keep this in mind with your reward strategy for your offers.

  • What is Email Advertising?

The email advertising will send your message and link of your website to our list of members who are actively reading mails to earn credits. This is a great way to get an immediate impact. You must spend credits to send an email ad, for each credit you will reach one member. It is recommended to use as many credits as possible, as volume and consistency is important for this type of advertising. You are able to send an email ad once every 23 hours.

  • What are Login Page Ads?

This type of advertising will display your website in full view to users when they are logging in. It is an excellent and very affordable advertising option. Go to the buy credits page to purchase Login Page Ad credits and then you will need to assign them to a website under your Login Page Ads area. Each credit means it will be displayed to one user.

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